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Psychedelic  therapies  that connect you  back  to  your  life

We give hope with technology-focused, data-driven, and medical-based solutions dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, PTSD, ADHD, Autism, and addictions bringing you back to life. We help you find "your" happiness!

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Integrating Technology To Approach Mental Wellness

Mycotopia Therapy offers a new paradigm for mental wellness. We provide a human experience of building a roadmap of optimal mind-body-spirit health. Our doctors and practitioners are on the cusp of a new paradigm for healing your brain and mindful of how your mental wellness will follow. We are disrupting the landscape by giving certainty on what is happening and what to do about it. 

The Mission of Mycotopia Therapy

Our mission is to help humans create certainty in one's own life as a fundamental of maintaining vibrancy in relationships, emotions, career, and health. We want to help our clients focus on mental wellness rather than deficits.


Why Mycotopia Therapy?

Our approach is simple! We start your journey as "you are here," and help you reclaim your life. We take the journey with you, enhanced by our cutting-edge neuroscientific methods to help you heal.

Personal Touch

We start with neurologists to map "where you are" and bring a team of physicians and practitioners to work with you to create a journey to reclaim your life.

Trained Technology

Our technology will help us guide and support as you go through your treatment process. We use the latest advances in AI, deep learning, and blockchain technology to provide an experience never seen before.

Evidence-Based Research

Our study of your psychotherapy using psychedelic medicines aided by data collection and algorithms developed with the help of psychedelic practitioners will yield a highly effective approach to your mental wellness.

A Better Type of Healing

We focus on helping you heal and reclaim your life. Your journey of healing is an understanding of the causes and works to mental wellness through psychedelic enhanced psychotherapy, integrated with a professional team of mental wellness practitioners and cutting-edge technology. Psychedelic therapy is a holistic and spiritual approach providing healing and has shown successful treatment for many years.  

The Mycotopia Village of Therapy

Mycotopia Therapy was founded on the principles of Ehave, Inc. Cutting edge technology meets updated psychiatric paradigms using the top practitioners in the industry of evidence-based neuroscience. We are building and partnering to provide a worldwide network of clinics and wellness centers. These centers will be focused on natural and digital therapies to heal mental wellness issues. Mycotopia Therapy was launched to offer solutions to mental wellness. Psychedelic therapy offers a science-based approach to address the expanding mental health crisis.

Our Worldwide Partner Psychedelic Retreats

Our partner retreats allow you to explore the transformative potential of psychedelics in a safe and legal environment with experienced practitioners. Your profound experiences reliably brought about by psychedelic trips can give people the opportunity to live lives of greater love, authenticity, and freedom. 


Thinking about a psychedelic retreat? All accommodations can be set up for you. Creating an itinerary, researching the destination. Preparing you for a relaxing and spiritual trip. Leave the planning to our partner with twenty years of international travel planning.


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